We Type Transcription utilizes a state of the art dictation/transcription system. Both dictation and transcription are combined on a single system capable of digital voice importing and re-recording, text storing and processing, and HL-7 connections to facility databases. Our systems "never-lose-a-job" architecture performs job tracking from the beginning of recording to the return of finished transcription in one easy-to-manage screen. Dictation recordings, transcriptions, demographics, and quality assurance edits are all inseparably linked in a single database on a single server.

Dictation may be achieved through any telephone, digital recorder or computer. Bi-directional HL-7 interfaces are available to virtually all major EMR / EHR packages.

WTT offers a SSL-secured web-based system that allows authorized personnel access to real time information on one or many jobs at any stage in the medical record life cycle from dictation to completion. Access to information can be customized for any level of user. Users have the ability to run customized reports on productivity, turn around, billing, statistics, trends, productivity, and more. These reports can be saved to the facility’s computers for future use in the formats of PDF, Word or Excel. This website allows dictators or medical editors the option to proofread their dictations online and correct any errors before the files are downloaded or printed. Dictators proofreading from the website also have the option to utilize an electronic signature if desired.

All transcription, editing and proofreading is performed on a platform that connects directly to the dictation server.

We can return your completed work through VPN, Secure FTP, via website or encrypted email.

Our system will remain up and running 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We utilize backup power, Internet and dictation systems. In the event of a major disaster contingency plans are in place to provide a system for dictators and document editors to prevent any interruption of services.