Medical Transcription


WTT has MCSE trained, in-house IT staff that addresses most of the day-to-day maintenance and repairs of the equipment utilized for the dictation system. All equipment and software is under service contracts in case onsite technical staff is unable to immediately resolve any issues with the service.

In the unlikely event that an equipment failure with the main dictation system is encountered a backup dictation system is also available for 24/7 access. Equipment maintenance will be scheduled during non-peak hours. Software patches and upgrades are kept current and are tested in a control environment prior to being installed in production equipment. Routine testing is run on hardware and devices with a higher fail rate, such as disk drives, and those devices are kept to a scheduled production life to decrease the probability of failures.

All equipment has current maintenance agreements. Backup routers and firewalls are available in case of failure of primary. Backup components such as power supplies or hard drives are maintained for all server equipment.

In the event of a major disaster that would interrupt service, such as flood or fire, WTT is contracted with the vendor of the dictation system to provide emergency backup coverage for all clients to ensure no interruption of service. WTT would work with client to ensure all security measurements were obtained ahead of time to enable a quick change over in case such service was ever needed. WTT would be able to resume service to the facility within 24-hours of occurrence. All data would be combined into one location upon restoration of the primary location equipment.