Voice Recognition



Dictation and demographic information is obtained from direct toll free access from any telephone, from the client’s existing dictation platform, or from digital recording devices such as handheld units or a PC into one central VoiceWare dictation/transcription system. Bi-directional HL-7 interfaces are available to virtually all major EMR and EHR packages. Access is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Toll Free Access

Telephonic dictations are achieved over secured VoIP lines with 99.9% uptime. These lines are accessible from either analog or digital phone lines. Voice prompts, demographic entry points and keypad controls can be customized on a per client basis. Job confirmation is available at any point during or immediately after dictation. Customization can occur from all dictators down to the level of a single dictator if needed.

HL-7 Interface

Our workflow architecture, including our state-of-the-art HL-7 interface engine, keeps the dictation, HL-7 data and transcription templates combined eliminating the possibility of duplications and orphans being created and works with all major systems.


Work pools are configured so that the work types with the shortest turnaround/oldest dictations are automatically moved to the top of the queue. Completed reports are returned individually to keep work flowing to Quality Assurance as quickly and steadily as possible.

Communication from the editing platform is only allowed via secure connection to the VoiceWare server. Sound files and the transcribed documents are not stored at the local PC; they are available for use on the local PC only during the editing process. All sound and transcribed documents are stored on secure servers only.


WTT has a multi-faceted quality assurance program. Every record is reviewed by at least two document editing specialist. For further details please see our Quality Assurance section.


Completed transcription is returned as Microsoft Word files or any other format that is necessary. Work can be sent back through an agreed upon method including VPN/Transfer to client systems, Secure FTP, web based, or secure encrypted Email. All methods utilized are HIPAA and HITECH compliant.  For clients utilizing front end voice recognition your dictated report is ready within minutes after you dictate so you may immediately begin your editing process.