Voice Recognition


WTT uses formats and templates for each work type as provided by or created for the client. The templates ensure uniformity for all files regardless of the document editor. To assure content quality control we utilize a multi-phase quality control system which includes being reviewed by at least two members of the QA team.

WTT Quality Assurance team members listen to and review all reports to ensure grammatical and contextual accuracy continuously throughout the day and night for steady flow of work back to the client.

All flagged reports are documented for the Performance Improvement Program and quarterly Quality Management Report. Our VoiceWare system records all quality control inspections and corrective actions. It maintains monthly validation reports of proofreading procedures

Our proofreading staff includes Registered Healthcare Document Specialists and proofreaders with over 35 years of medical editing experience. We also have a pharmacist on staff for pharmacological questions. The QA Manager does a continuous random 15% sampling of the proofreading team's output looking for any work that would be considered below contracted standards.

All transcribed documents will meet AMA, AHDI, NIAHO and JCAHO standards. In the event of incompleteness, inaccuracy and/or critical flaws (as defined by AHDI), the report will be re-transcribed at no additional charge within one hour of notification. Historically our error rate is less than 1%.