Voice Recognition


WTT understands the substance of the individual needs of each client when starting a new contract and depending upon complexity of individual client needs, WTT has the ability to be fully operational within 30 days of the date of the award if not sooner. Our past track record has proven our company to be able to bring up new contracts within a very short time frame.

WTT will work closely with client’s security management team to establish access and provide required security documentation and HIPAA compliance certification. WTT will coordinate with client IT staff members to configure HL-7 interfacing and document return.

WTT shall emulate the current configuration for providers utilizing telephonic dictation service and provide business cards instructions on use of the keypad commands to all participating dictators.

If you are moving from an existing voice recognition system, we can import your profiles to eliminate a new learning curve of the system for you dictators.

WTT will work closely with the administration support staff with respect to programming providers' identification, access codes and formats into our system. Training will be provided for web access and/or the Remote Client software for real-time tracking purposes.

We recognize that the services provided to each client are vital to their institution and must be continued without interruption and that if a contract is terminated for any reason, WTT would continue to provide sufficient experienced personnel to ensure that the work is returned to client while maintaining the required level of proficiency. We agree to exercise our best efforts and cooperation to effect an orderly and efficient transition to a successor. WTT will ensure all PHI is deleted from our system and all dictation ports are disabled.